Friday, August 14, 2009

The Unspoken Touch…..

Being like every lower middle class people I do also travel by bus…. Moving from Bhubaneswar to Bhadrak in the Weak days for my job on every Monday, It’s a different feeling for me…all together…..

It is the time when I am at Badambadi Stand of Cuttack every Monday, I used to search for some one whom I don’t know but still my eyes and heart stride with pain if I don’t see her, she is the one who meets me every Monday in the bus stop with an expectation to meet on next Monday.

She begs for her living and the time she sees me she had a different smile on her face every time, don’t know why I have a weakness for her to see her every Monday and same as of her …. Then I feel you don’t have to communicate even to share how you feel it’s the other who need to understand how you feel for ….

The little smile for that few minutes is the only happiness what I gather when I am at that place the said “Unknown Touch”. The life makes you puzzled at some time how a person who don’t know you still matter for you so much, but I guess I must be the one of the millions of passenger who travel through the same place and how come someone remember me every time and give me a smile of greet every time I am there.

Then I some what feel in my heart there is something which touches you so hard and it’s difficult to get out of it…. You forget things very often but memories lies at the back of the head.

This is unspeakable and inexpressible, but never gets off our mind till the end.


  1. Again a master stroke ,As it is said "smile says a million words" .There are certain people who touch our lives with a unspoken words or gesture which leaves there print on our mind and soul .its nice to see u got one and share with us

    waiting for more.....

  2. Somethings u just cant forget, they linger in ur memory forever

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