Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Night in a Cinema Hall……..

It was the day 24th August 2009 I had my office and after my works is completed …. Point to be noted I don’t have office timing; it can end early in the afternoon or can extend up to late hours till midnight.
Fortunately I was released by 5:30 in the evening and sitting idle at the room for 10 to 15 minutes I realized why not to see a movie its long I haven’t. Then I decided to break all barriers and pull me out of my tiredness and explore the roads of Bhadrak and move to the Cinema Hall. Moving on all alone with my loneliness I entered the Cinema Hall by buying a ticket of worth Rs.24.55 as printed in the tickets. As compared to the present cost of ticket of Bhubaneswar, it’s all about V.I.P place sitting in the Balcony. I thought as if one of the V.I.P among the people present in the theater and walk in straight into the Balcony. As I put my steps into the arena I found myself as the only one to be there in the place. Even I was offered by the torch man to sit at any place in the Balcony and especially a fan on top of my head was switched on only for me…….. It was really a V.I .P treatment after all.
As on watching an Oriya Film name “Sate Sure Lekha ye Jibana” starring Anubhav the star of Oriya industry, and it was all about half time when I started looking at something else ……….
I came to hear a sound “Bad…Mat..Bhaj… Mug….Chi….” listening it mindfully I came to a conclusion of what was the sound, it was “Badam, Matar Bhaja, Muga and Chips” I then recognized it was someone who was same the height of the chairs and moving all around the place to search for a customer in the dark. Even he doesn’t know it was only me present out over there…… the darkness had made him bound of struggling to search for a customer what I guess ….. Sitting idle and looking at the big screen for an hour I broke my silence and called him ….. He was as big and tall as a total of 3 hands of mine. Wasn’t able to see his face in the dark (sorry not able to explain him appearance). I wiped my hand in his head and felt he liked it as if he was happy like anything and asked to me……….”What you want?” I said what you have? Because I want to hear the same words which I concentrated hard to understand.iit was “Badam, Matar Bhaja, Muga and Chips” I got a pack of chips from him to start my conversation and the first Question from me was: What is your name? To be really socked he replied his name is “HELP”. How come someone can have a name like “HELP” does it sounds like a name!!!!!
With repeated questions from me one after another I felt he is moving back slowly to avoid my shooting questions. He made me feel like a stranger for him at that time but somehow I managed to gain his confidence and feel him comfortable, with a talk for a while with him he had to leave me alone in the darkness of the theater and compel me to use my mind.
There comes the Story after the interval, I was looking at the big screen and my head was plotting another story ….. It was all together two movies I was seeing at the same time…… all about how can someone be called “HELP” by everybody and is it his real name???
Was he been there to HELP me watching the movie alone or was it the sign of the almighty that I need help from every one every time to find my lost way in this world. I thought deep into my heart, am I lost and the word “HELP” was very much necessary to be reminded in every stage????
Pulling my thoughts into the box of my mind ….. Gathering everything ……… I tried for the conclusion and ended with all my pretty worthy feeling to move once again to the same theatre when I get time and here the hard words of “Bad…Mat..Bhaj… Mug….Chi….” and ask the 3 hands long somebody what’s your name…… it “HELP”.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Unspoken Touch…..

Being like every lower middle class people I do also travel by bus…. Moving from Bhubaneswar to Bhadrak in the Weak days for my job on every Monday, It’s a different feeling for me…all together…..

It is the time when I am at Badambadi Stand of Cuttack every Monday, I used to search for some one whom I don’t know but still my eyes and heart stride with pain if I don’t see her, she is the one who meets me every Monday in the bus stop with an expectation to meet on next Monday.

She begs for her living and the time she sees me she had a different smile on her face every time, don’t know why I have a weakness for her to see her every Monday and same as of her …. Then I feel you don’t have to communicate even to share how you feel it’s the other who need to understand how you feel for ….

The little smile for that few minutes is the only happiness what I gather when I am at that place the said “Unknown Touch”. The life makes you puzzled at some time how a person who don’t know you still matter for you so much, but I guess I must be the one of the millions of passenger who travel through the same place and how come someone remember me every time and give me a smile of greet every time I am there.

Then I some what feel in my heart there is something which touches you so hard and it’s difficult to get out of it…. You forget things very often but memories lies at the back of the head.

This is unspeakable and inexpressible, but never gets off our mind till the end.